Advance AutoCAD

Advance AutoCAD

Advance AutoCAD


Dear valued students of Anil Computers,

We are pleased to present to you the day-wise schedule for our AutoCAD course. Please find the topics that will be covered in each day of the course:

Day 1:

Introduction to AutoCAD6

User interface of AutoCAD (UI)

Workspaces switching

Command description

Use of mouse and keyboard

Different selection methods

Line command

Pick point method

Absolute, relative and polar system

Ortho method

Zoom and erase

Day 2:


Drafting settings (OSnap and Otrack)

Dynamic input


Properties tab (line type, line weight, object color)

Dimensions and dimensions style

Day 3:

Circle (center rad/dia, 2 point, 3 point, ttr, ttt)

Rectangle (chamfer, fillet, width)

Polygon (inscribed, circumscribed)

Day 4:

Ellipse (center axis and elliptical arc)


Fillet and chamfer

Day 5:

Move, copy, rotate


Trim, extend

Day 6:

Mirror, join, break

Stretch and scale


Day 7:

Limits (on/off/coordinate)

Match properties

Polylines and polylines edit

Day 8:


Layers on/off, freeze, lock

Layer isolate/un-isolate

Day 9:

Text and text style

Single line and multiline text


Hatch and hatch edit

Open area hatch

Day 10:

Table and table style

Array (rectangular, polar and path)


X-line and ray

Day 11:

Building planning techniques and Vastu Shastra

Elevations and sections

Building plans

Group and group edit


Day 12:


Multiline and multiline style

Multileader and multileader style

Parametric tab (geometric and dimensional constraints)

Day 13:

Divide and measure


Quick calculator

Quick properties

Advanced selection methods (quick select, filter, selection cycle)

Day 14:

Design center

Tool pallets and tool pallets creation

Layout and template creation

Print and publish settings

Day 15:

Create block and insert block

Block editor and dynamic block

Attributes, edit attributes

Block attribute manager

Attribute display

Day 16:

Data extraction

Raster image reference and clip

Ole object



Edit menu

Day 17:

X-ref and x-bind

Reference edit

Import and export

Express tools

Auto number, arc aligned text, break line symbol

Super hatch

List properties

Day 18:


POP Project

Furniture Project


Front elevation

Isometric for furniture

Mechanical exercise

Mignings tips



Duration: 1 Months
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