Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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Duration : 4 Months

- Basics of Computer

- CorelDRAW

- Photoshop CS

- Video Editing Basics

- Adobe Premier

- Wonder Share Filmora

- Hindi & English Typing Basics


- Digital Marketing Content : 

1 Website & Email Website Design and Optimization Strategy

Image Optimization

Choosing Right Template

Eye Catching Headline and Description

Choose Content and Clear CTA

Time to Decide when to send

Mobile Optimization

Create Email Campaign Using Mailchimp


2. CRM How to Choose Right CRM as per business needs

CRM Software Overview: Zoho, Salesforce, Keap, Hubspot etc.


3.  SEO How to optimize website for SEO

What are common SEO Techniques

How to optimize your website from different SEO Techniques

How to do keyword research

Tools to identify best keyword for your business

LSI (latent semantic indexing) keyword and Long-Tail keywords

ON Page SEO techniques

Off Page SEO techniques

Backlinks Techniques and types

How to get good result in local SEO

Choose Right Keyword as per Local SEO (location based)

Work on GMB and other local directories

Schema mark-up for websites

Optimizing Page Speed and Site Audit

SEO Focus Content strategy

What is SEM

Different kinds of Paid Marketing


4. Google Analytics Practical Introduction & Overview of Google Analytics

Submit Sitemap, Manage Robots Files, crawl report in Webmaster

Understanding different kind of report in Webmaster

Indexing, Experiencing, Shopping and Enhancement Report

How to set up Google Search Console

How to analysis traffic in Google Analytics

Different channels of Google Analytics

How to monitor Real Time traffic in Google Analytics

Basic of GA 4 (Google Analytics 4)

Types of reporting in Google Analytics

Understanding Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour and Conversation report

Practical In-depth Learning of Acquisition Report

Practical In-depth Learning of Engagement Report

Practical In-depth Learning of Retention Report

Practical In-depth Learning of Monetization Report

Practical In-depth Explanation of User and Tech Reports

Understanding Event Analysis and Tracking report

Practical In-depth Explanation of Events

Understanding GA4 Real time report

Practical In-depth Explanation of Real Time Report

Explore GA4 and creating new Free form Report

Practical In-depth Explanation of Creating Free Form Report

Checking Insights and Performance in GA4

User behaviour and demographic report in GA4


5. Google Ads & PPC Practical Explanation of Setting up Google Ads

Practical Explanation of Google Ads and Difference Between SEO & PPC

Full Practical Walkthrough of Google Ads

Understand Google Ads Auction

How to Improve Ad Rank for High Quality impressions and clicks

Choosing right keyword for your business

Adjust keyword on match type - broad match, exact match etc..

Bid Strategy for search keywords

Portfolio Bid Strategy

Engaging with Responsive Search Ads (RSA)

Enhance Ads with Extension to improve clicks

Try Automated bidding

Maximize Clicks Bidding to improve Clicks

Automatic Scheduling for campaign

Tricks for improving Ad Score/optimization score

Optimize Budget with Performance Planner

App promotion campaigns (Mobile Platform Ads)

Discovery campaigns & Demand Gen campaigns

Billing - payment methods and settings for ads


6. Social Media Marketing Building a Content Creation Framework

How to Write Effective Taglines, Ad Copies CTA etc. for your business

Scheduling and time management for social media content

How to create catchy headline for your content on social media

How to improve engagement and followers on social media

Using of Hash Tags, Description, trending tags

Title Research and Thumbnail CTA Idea

Understanding YouTube Analytics

Promoting YouTube Video Using Google Ads

Posting time, using of tags in short video

Promoting Shorts using Meta Ads and Google Ads

Competitor analysis and creating brand on Instagram

How to increase followers on Instagram using paid media

Understanding sponsored content , Dynamic Ads, Lead form on LinkedIn Marketing

Running your campaign and optimize on LinkedIn Ads

Understanding which Social Media channel best fit for your business

Creating followers base on your social media account

Posting schedule and divide budget on social media channels

AB Testing on various social media channels for better results

Generating Leads and traffic using social media


7. Ecommerce Marketing Optimize your ecommerce store

Content marketing for your ecommerce website

Retargeting for your ecommerce

Understanding user funnel for better conversion

Social Media posting rules for your E-commerce business

What is Live Shopping and how to use it

Live Shopping Ideas

How to create Live Content for social media

Setup affiliate accounts and commission for your business

How to pitch affiliate for your business

Become on Affiliate on Ecommerce Website and Earn Commission


8. Influencer Marketing & ORM Paid marketing roles in ORM (Online Reputation Management)

Optimizing GMB (Google My Business) and local listing for better ORM

Difference between ORM & PR

Customer Sentiment Analysis - Negativity analysis

Crisis management - how to respond during a crisis or controversy

Review portal importance - Quora / / &

What is influencer marketing

How to find good influencer for your business

Convenience and closing deals with influencer

Budget and target audience for influencer marketing


9.  Latest Trends What is Mobile Marketing

How to promote your app on social media

How to increase install of your android/iOS apps

Programmatic Advertising

Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising solutions

How to setup Chatbot's on your app and website

How chatbot's works

How to automated your order processing with chatbot's

What is Voice Search

How to optimize voice search for your website or business

Voice search schema implementation

Writing voice search optimizing content

Role of AI in digital marketing

Use of AI for content writing & email marketing

Use of AI for SEO

Use of AI and voice search for ecommerce

Creating content calendar using AI

How to increase RoI and engagement using AI tools

Best AI tools for your business in digital marketing

How AR works

What are the roles of AR technology in your ecommerce business

What is Geo-Fencing marketing

Understand the need of Geo-fencing marketing for your business

How to promote your business on local search/near me

OTT App advertising

Sympaphonic Ads

Extended Reality (XR)


10.  Projects Understand the need of digital marketing for your project

Case Study - Need for Digital Marketing

Run Site Audit for your website

Case Study - Site Audit run

Case Study - Practical Site Audit

Finding right category to promote your business

Case Study - Right Category Choose

Setup and decide budget for your project

Case Study - Budget Setting

Duration: 4 Months
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