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Shortcut keys in Microsoft Word

Shortcut keys in Microsoft Word

Microsoft word Short Command

Shortcut keys in Microsoft Word Advance:-

F1       get help or use the office assistant
Shift + F3 
change the case  of the selected text
Shift+ F4         
Go to the   next page
 F 5     Displays the go-to dialogue box you can also get to find and replace from here.
 F7       launch and spell checkers
 Shift +F7     launch the thesaurus
 F8   Extend the current   selection


 Shift+ F8      Shrink the current selection
 F10  Activate the menu bar
 Shift + F10             display a shortcut menu same as right-clicking


 ctrl + a         Select all in the   current document
 ctrl +b   Bold text
 Ctrl +c   copy
 Ctrl + x    Cut
 Ctrl + v    Paste
 Ctrl + shift + c  Format painter(copy)
 Ctrl +shift+ v  format painter(paste)
 Ctrl + D  Display thefont dialogue box
 Ctrl +  Shift + D   Double underline
 Ctrl + E    Centre Alignment
  Ctrl + L   Left Alignment
 Ctrl + R    Right Alignment
 Ctrl + J   Full justification
 Ctrl + F      Display the find dialogue box to search the curren document
 Ctrl + H    Display the replacement dialogue box
 Ctrl + G   Display the go-to dialogue box to go to a specific location in the current document
Ctrl +I 
Ctrl + K 
create a hyperlink
Ctrl + M
left indent right side
Ctrl + Shift+ M 
left indent  left side
Ctrl + N   
 creates a new document
Ctrl + O  
Display the open file dialogue box
 Ctrl + P
Display the print dialogue box
Ctrl+ F2
 print preview
Ctrl + Q
 reset tab indents
Ctrl + S  
Display the save dialogue box
Ctrl + T  
 Hanging Indian right
Ctrl + Shift + T  
Hanging in that left side
Ctrl + U 
Underline text
Ctrl + w 
Ctrl + shift + w 
Underline world only
Ctrl + Y  
Redo the last undone action
Ctrl + z 
Undo the last action
Ctrl + Enter
  insert page break
Ctrl 1                     
Single line spacing
Ctrl 2                           Double line spacing
Ctrl 5                               1.5line spacing
Ctrl  ]                         Increase font size by one point Ctrl + shift + >

Ctrl [                             


Decrease font size one point ctrl + shift + <
Ctrl + F4                        Closes the active document windows
Double click                          
Word selection
Triple click                           Paragraph selection
Backspace                            Detect left character
Ctrl + backspace                Delete the left word
Delete key                             Delete right character
Ctrl + Delete Key            Delete the right word
Ctrl + =                         Subscript (H2o)
Ctrl +Shift + =                       Super script (10th)
Left Arrow Key                      Move one character to the left
Ctrl + Left Arrow key               Move one word to the left
Home Key                         Move the cursor to the beginning of the line
Ctrl + Home Key                 Move the cursor to the beginning of the document
Right Arrow key                    Move one character to the right
Ctrl + Right Arrow key           Move one word to the right
End key                                     Move the cursor to the end to the line
 Ctrl + End key  Move the cursor to the end of the document
Shift right Arrow Key                Select the right character
Ctrl + Shift Right Arrow Key       Select the right word
Shift + left Arrow Key                  
Select the left character
Ctrl + shift left Arrow Key     
   Select the left word  
Shift home key         Select the line from the cursor position to the beginning of the line   
Ctrl + shift + home key -    Select the text from the cursor position to   beginning of  the document                                                  
Page up                           
Move one screen up
Page down                   
Move one page down
Ctrl + page up                
 Move one page up
Ctrl + page down                 Move to next page



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